Achtung Baby

I have had U2‘s seminal and career-redefining album, Achtung Baby, in my head all day long. Two of my coworkers won iPods from our network this week and I think my covetous stares are starting to get to them. I need my own hard drive-based mp3 player so I can feed my Bono jones at a moments notice. Time to break out CDex and encode some albums. The Fly here I come. All I need now is something to play the songs on (*cough* iPod *cough*) and I’ll be all set.

2 thoughts on “Achtung Baby

  1. Nathan Miller says:

    Seth, I picked up an iPod about 3 weeks ago, the 40GB. I am a new man with the gadget. It is a wonderful way to control space and people, since I bought the thing, not a single Japanese Salary Man has approached with some ridiculous English phrase he remember from some wack textbook.

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