Same-sex marriage ban fails in Senate

Same-sex marriage ban fails in Senate

Let’s all take a moment to feel joyful over the fact that State’s rights and Civil Rights survived the latest idiotic attempt by Senate Republicans to alter our Constitution for the worse.

Jenn and I were at a lesbian wedding in Massachusettes last month and hate is decidedly NOT a family value. I was moved by the ceremony and by the incredible dedication that the two women involved had shown one another. They’d been living as a married couple for 12 years and were finally able to enjoy the same kind of protections, freedoms and benefits that Jenn and I have. I felt like I was a real part of history watching them walk down the aisle together.

People in this country need to realize that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may sound easy but they are an almost unattainable standard. We have to work hard every day, every one of us, to make that happen. Ignorant and bigoted people who would stand in the way of this couple and millions like them obviously don’t know the meaning of life, liberty or happiness.

Thanks again to those members of the senate who voted down this hateful piece of garbage

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