I Forgot To Remember

This morning is a true forgetful-fest. I had a dream last night, borderline nightmare, that I swear had me talking in my sleep. What was it about? I have no idea. I can recall thinking about vivid details and intense conversations while I lathered in the shower, but now I have no recall of the dream. A complete void.

Adding to my frustration, I had worked out an amazingly witty post for this morning complete with snappy title and one-line (potentially one-word) body copy. Genius. Pure Genius. The problem? I’ve absolutely no memory of what the title or post were going to be.

Instead you get a rambling monologue about the limits of my pedestrian mental faculties. Aw hell, you get crap about how I’m so damn forgetful today.

In happier news, the moblog is smokin’ this week. New picture coming before noon!

UPDATE: I remembered!

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