Video Game Monday

I had some time to myself yesterday and I regret not grabbing the Gamecube from the basement and hooking it to play. I’ve asked for some games for Christmas because toys are always fun to unwrap and play, but Jenn and I are so busy lately we haven’t had time for video games. I’m thinking maybe a couple of wireless controllers in our bedroom would help, but I’m guessing that might get vetoed.

In order to feed my games jones this morning, I read a review of the new PSP. Needless to say, I’m still holding my breath for a portable entertainment unit that will handle audio (mp3, ogg & wmv), video (avi, mov, wmv, divx), pictures and games. The iPod photo and the Archos Gmini 400 come close, but I’m thinking next Christmas is the time to make a purchase. That is unless Santa brings me somthing this December 25. *cough*

So now that I’ve got this insatiable hunger for games while stuck at work, I figured I could play some classic arcade games right in my browser. Check out Shockwave’s arcade classic page or this killer flash Defender/Raiden clone: Alpha force. That should be enough juicy video game links to keep you busy for a while. If not, check out the new p2p news from SuprNova as they try to extend BitTorrent into the decentralized universe. Happy ISO downloading, game-obsessed freaks!

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