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I’m a little premature in writing this entry, but I’ve been devoting a ton of thought to it, so I might as well get it out. I’ve been contemplating a “top x” list for 2004, where “x” equals a number that is brief enough to be contained on one page and long enough to seem engaging. So, without further exposition, here are my Top 3 technology tools for 2004.

1) Firefox. You can get it, spread it or evangelize about it, but it’s the best thing to happen to web-browsing since the original Netscape. If you are a heavy internet user or you’re just sick of pop-ups, malware, adware, spyware and the like then Firefox is for you. Plus, tabbed browsing and some great extensions make Firefox my top technology for 2004.

2) The fabulous new social bookmarking tool with the funny name, will make your life infinitely easier. If you use multiple computers or share links with a ton of folks, this is the tool for you. Easily tag and organize your “bookmarks” and send out feeds via RSS. There are tools for posting ( &, charting/visualization (, integrating with Firefox for posting (delicious) and bookmarking (foxylicious) and many more! is a great way to save links and have them at your fingertips wherever you end up.

You can see my or add my RSS feed, if you like.

3) Google. It goes without saying that Google rocks, but this year they introduced their infinitely cool desktop search and the even better Gmail. I love the ability to search my own files faster with Google desktop than I can with Windows search. It’s that kind of techno-schadenfreude that gives Google the nod. Plus, 1 gig of email storage on Gmail and a similarly cool search functionality had me ditching Hotmail in seconds. Plus, just last week we found out about the cool and hackable Google suggest. So get with the program and start searching.

So that’s it. My Top 3 technologies of 2004. Go download them for a happier, healthier, internettier 2005.

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  1. I completely agree Seth. I have been using Firefox since the first betas and I am hooked. I started using back in August and I can’t get enough of it. As for Google, that is by far my most traveled site, very indispensable.

    Good choices


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