Book Review: Dancing Barefoot

The first book I’ve finished in this new year is Wil Wheaton’s Dancing Barefoot. Jenn had meant to buy it for me last Christmas, but it wasn’t available on Lucky for me, Jenn was able to get the bundle of Dancing Barefoot & Just A Geek this year. Seeing as Dancing Barefoot is shorter, I was able to finish it during a few restroom sessions. Sorry, Wil, but it’s the truth.

The book takes the form of four blog-length “entries” and one short story: SpongeBob Vegas Pants. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the stories and it made me quite hungry to read Just A Geek. I’m an avid fan of WWdN (though I don’t own a t-shirt) so I was really excited to get some more intimate details about his past and some good dirt about what it’s like to see a Con from the other side of the signature table. Overall, the writing is solid and stories are engaging. I was particularly moved by the story Houses In Motion. This is a confident author looking to flex his muscles. And from what I’ve read of Just A Geek he’s poised to tell some truly awesome stories.

Keep up the good work, Wil. You’ve got me hooked (and subscribing).

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