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So Raelyn stayed home again today, more to make certain she was 100% healthy and not contagious than because of outward signs of sickness (like vomitting). This leaves me at home on dish, laundry and clean-up-the-Christmas-clutter duty. All the lights and decorations came down yesterday, so most of today and tonight should be prepping to stuff our new shit into the space currently occupied by our old shit. Sounds great, right?

Rae is asleep now so I’m going to start some of that aforementioned laundry. I’m also working on a few “bloggy” tasks, such as getting the Moblog and Podcast operational. I hope to have something more definitive done by the weekend, but now is as good a time as any to let Dreamhost do their magical installs and set up the necessary items (email addresses and PHP scripts) that will make both the Moblog and Podcast work as advertised.

I should also let everyone in on the secret that I didn’t really see much of a use to Videora, other than the bundled BitTorrent client, BitComet. I suppose I could shell out the $30 $22.95 to see if the “season pass”, RSS and other features were as cool as advertised, but I’m just as happy to have a nicer BT client. Besides, I don’t have a PMP that I could watch the videos on, but I do covet this new model. My advice: until you have some kind of mobile device that will play all your DivX movies and you have $30 burning a hole in your pocket, skip Videora and download BitComet, thus eliminating the middle man.

Well, I’m off to my household chores. Don’t download too much pr0n.

2 thoughts on “More Telecommuting Fun

  1. Hi Seth,
    Thanks for the link. We’d like to make it clear to your readers that Videora is not $30 but only $22.95. While $7 may be nothing to some people, it is definitely something to many other people.

    We’re glad we could introduce you to BitComet, it definitely is a fantastic BitTorrent client, easy to use but very powerful as well.


  2. As you can read from the first commenter, a representative for Videora, the software costs $22.95, not $30. Still pricey for a piece of software that will help you downloaded less than reputable files. Maybe I just wasn’t working it right, but I wasn’t seeing the benefits of their RSS feeds, “wish list” or “season pass” and I WANT TO. Perhaps if I had the full version to evaluate, I’d feel differently.

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