Sobe D12

I’m an occassional drinker of the “healthy” beverages made by SoBe. You know the ones; those faux-fruit flavored concoctions with the aggressive names like Dragon, Power, Drive and Courage.

This afternoon, in addition to my 8-pack of Chik-fil-A nuggets I grabbed a SoBe Elixer from the refrigerated case to help me stave off any nasty germs that Rae & Jenn might have given me. If you haven’t tried Elixer, it’s Orange and Carrot juices and something called Carnitine. Delicious stuff. Honestly.

So SoBe is known for having kooky saying in their bottle caps; it’s part of their quirky charm. Think fortune cookies as told by Steven Wright and you’ll get the picture. They’re one of the highlights of drinking SoBe beverages (other than fooling yourself that you’re being healthy).

This afternoon’s SoBe cap?: “Superman Video I Was In The Back”. A direct quote from D12’s Bizarre in the song My Band. D12, you’ll remember, is the rap group fronted by one Marshall Mathers AKA Eminem. Either someone at SoBe is a rap fan or they just think the line was funny. Either way, it made my day.

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