Sin City

I’m not blogging about Vegas; at least I’m fairly certain I’m not anyhow. I just saw the trailer for the movie SinCity, based on Frank Miller‘s comic book of the same name and directed by Robert Rodriguez. Now I haven’t read the comics in an extremely long time, but this seems pretty bad-ass. Lots of people are talking about the movie and the source material and it’s got me really excited about starting up the pull list again.

And this time I mean it. Jenn gave me an unassembled comic box for Christmas as a beautiful sign that I may begin collecting comics in earnest again. My first purchases might be some back issues of Sin City, Dark Horse Presents (where the story originated) or a paperback/hardcover collection. Either way, this trailer has completely captured my imagination.

Heck, Jenn was the one that got me excited about seeing Elektra (also a Frank Miller creation). She caught a preview show on MTV yesterday that featured Jennifer Garner in all her open-car-door-eared glory, and featuring some killer clips and now she’s talking babysitter and date night.

It’s a good evening to be a comic fan in my house.

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  1. Watchmen: The Movie
    It’s just a picture of a blood-stained smiley-faced button now, but it’s got my heart all fluttery. If Sin City and Fantastic Four movies don’t turn out so hot, this is the next, great hope for comic book movies.

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