Of Pumpkins and Tequila

Checking the logs, I see that someone actually clicked here after searching for “what do pumpkins and tequila have in common?“. Can I just ask you what in the holy hell you thought you’d find? What is the punchline to this joke? Was it on Jeopardy? Help me out, Ken Jennings.

For the record, I’m not convinced that the two have anything in common, but I’m open to suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Of Pumpkins and Tequila

  1. Thank God, I finally have the answer. I’ve been getting referrals for those search terms for quite a while now. You didn’t leave an email address, John, or I’d ask you in what part of the country this originates. Thanks anyhow for the answer to my question. I still don’t know if there’s even an answer of whether some wacky morning show is just having it’s fun.

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