Falcons Crestfallen

God, that’s a horrific pun to put in the title of a post, but I’m really upset about the way the Falcons lost to Philly in today’s NFC Championship game. It would have been one thing to get blown out by an amped-up Eagles team, but that’s not what happened. Instead, the Falcons played well enough to go into the locker room at halftime, trailing by only 4. Then, they held the Eagles to consecutive field goals, once after a truly terrible interception by Mike Vick. Going into the fourth quarter, they were only down 10 and I just kept thinking that they would find a way to turn the game around.

It never came. The Eagles added a late TD that effectively ended the game and the hopes of a second Super Bowl berth in Falcons team history. We lost today and more correctly, we got beat by a superior team, but this was an Eagles team looking for a way to lose. They’d lost 3 straight title games and the first half was tight, with both teams making some excellent plays on both sides of the ball. The Eagles just played superior football in the second half and forced the Falcons to play opposite of their desired style of football.

Congratulations, Philadelphia and to your fans. After four long, frustrating years, you earned this victory. And thanks to the Atlanta Falcons for an amazing year and an incredible, exciting run that, unfortunately, ended one game too early. Thank you Arthur Blank, Mike Vick, Warrick Dunn, Alge Crumpler, Allen Rossum, Keith Brooking, Rod Coleman and Patrick Kerney. Our team was truly our best player this year, we just didn’t play that way today. Maybe next year Vick won’t grab all the headlines and we’ll grab the win.

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  1. Yeah, you’ve suffered long enough at the hands of Cowboys, Redskins and Giants (who’ve all won since 1980) that it will be nice to see y’all in the Super Bowl. Too bad it had to be at the Falcons expense though.

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