The Ten Geekiest Hobbies

Would it surprise anyone to learn that at one time or another I have participated in three of the top ten geekiest hobbies? Seanbaby has written an article for The Wave Magazine on just that topic and I thought I’d let you know my “vices”:

10) Comic Books – Still goin’ strong.

9) Role Playing Games – I get asked to play about twice a year and somehow manage to decline.

5) Collectible Card Games – I wasted most of 1994 and parts of 1995 to this horrific addiction. Have your friends seek help if they are similarly afflicted.

The pithy wit and humor is on par with the rest of the Seanbaby site which is a blast for anyone who craves 80’s pop culture in the form of comics, NES games and Hostess snacks. Check it out.

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