Silver Comet Saturday

Jenn, Rae, Lucy and I haven’t been to the Silver Comet Trail in quite some time so this afternoon we decided to take a nice, long walk. Well, Jenn and I decided and Rae and Lucy were forced to come along because they’re a toddler and a dog, respectively.

It was nice and overcast/hazy in Smyrna this afternoon, so it wasn’t oppressively sunny or warm but it wasn’t too cool either. Perfect weather, I’d say, for the beginning of Spring. It can’t come soon enough, considering all the cold and windy weather we’ve had recently.

The trail was mostly quiet, leaving us to enjoy our walk in relative peace. We did meet a tiny Bischon puppy named Maggie who, with her owner’s permission, gave Rae some sweet kisses. Lucy reciprocated, kissing both Rae and Maggie. I kissed Rae too, but only after we got home and she got cleaned up a bit. I can’t compete with dog slobber.

We saw a few, roving packs of bicyclists, most of whom were unkind enough to zoom past us without the customary “on your left” holler. It doesn’t bother me too much since most of them were grown men wearing spandex, so they can act like jerks and I can feel superior for not wearing spandex. It’s a sad day when little children on brightly colored bikes behave better (two kids gave the polite “on your left”) than dozens of adults. And they were dressed better. Take it from me: Oakleys are no longer cool no matter what “sporty” activity you’re doing.

Silver Comet totals:
Distance travelled: 2.4 miles.
iPods seen: 3. All minis. 2 blue, 1 gold.
Animals encountered: 3 dogs, 1 frog and countless birds.
Cute pictures taken: too many to post here. Jenn will have some up soon

After the walk we did our weekend errands. Picked up the dry cleaning. Looked at big, expensive homes in expectation of our forthcoming bonuses and a time when we don’t have credit card debt. All the usual fun, family activities for a Saturday in February spent with the family. A wonderful afternoon, if you ask me. And you didn’t. I told you.


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