Mostly Muppet

As it may have become apparent to those of you who frequent this site, I’m blogging at a rather brisk pace and I’m blogging more frequently about Muppets. In the past I’ve said the obligatory thing or two about this or that Muppet-related, but the lion’s share of the content has been of a non-Muppet kind. I suppose I could have purchased the domain, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it?

I don’t mean to say that I’ve changed my blogging philosophy; far from it. Part of my New Year’s resolution was to blog more often and out of necessity and preference I chose to blog about Muppets because I’m a fan. Quizzes and silly news items may not be your cup of tea, but I think the additional Muppet entries add quite a bit of flair to the old blog and I’m happy to keep providing these updates.

One very recent addition to the site would be the ‘Totally Muppet’ blogroll in the navigation. I’ve listed some prominent Muppet websites, including a blog whose complete and total focus is Muppets, The GelflingWaldo Files. The writing, reporting and tone are pitch-perfect for the subject matter and I’m very happy to have found the site and linked to it.

I don’t ever think my focus here will be more than 50% Muppet, but I’ve been on a roll lately and I’ve gone with it. Technorati has been helpful in providing me with a Muppet watchlist, so that’s where most of the content has originated. I’ll continue to blog about interesting developments in the Hensonian world as the muse leads me, but I yearn to holler in my own voice.

I guess I just felt like letting everyone (whoever that may be) know that I’m still Mostly Muppet. Same as I ever was, just a bit amped up recently. I hope you enjoy the content, no matter what it is, and that you continue reading. Or suggesting the site to a friend (or enemy). Or letting me know I need to give it all up and stop (I won’t listen, but nice try).

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