Extreme Home Muppetover

Jenn and I are almost regular (2/3 of the time) viewers of ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. We don’t have the TiVo set to season pass it, but we’re fairly faithful. Imagine my surprise to find out that The Muppets (and Florence Henderson) would be making a guest appearance and helping out Ty and the gang tonight. The marriage of Disney (who owns ABC & ESPN) and the Muppets just keeps paying dividends for fans like me. It seems as though 2005 is the year of the return of The Muppets and I say ‘keep it coming’.

Kermit – Endearing, charming and green
Fozzie – Always (never?) funny
Miss Piggy – Ever the flirty diva
Animal – Makeover! Makeover! Woman! Woman!

Good Bit: Piggy acting the lech on Ty
Better Bit: The Kermit/Fozzie ladder routine
Best Bit: Fozzie’s rubber chicken as hammer bit

The promos for tomorrow night’s How’d They Do That actually look quite funny. I’m looking forward to the “Muppet Reveal” and some additional funny bits.

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