Smiling Irish Eyes

In celebration of the greenest and saintliest of holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to eat out. No corn beef and cabbage for us, though, we ate at Ruby Tuesday. We tried to stick to an Irish theme by ordering Killian’s but the rest of the meal consisted of American burgers with Swiss Cheese, French Fries and an Asian-themed appetizer and salad. We sort of indulged in an international meal without having to visit a pancake house.

Jenn and Rae both acted the parts of beautiful Irish lasses by wearing their Kelly green t-shirts. Rae’s declared “Kiss Me. I’m Cute.” while Jenn’s said “Everyone Loves An Irish Girl.” I’m in no position to challenge either sentiment, because it’s silly to disagree with two of the most beautiful women I know.

So thank you, St. Patrick, for doing something or other involving snakes and Ireland lo those many years ago so that here, in the 21st Century, my family and I might construct a flimsy excuse to eat out. Erin Go Braugh!

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