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I took close to 60 pictures on Sunday. None of them are available here or on the moblog or Flickr yet, since it’s late at night as I write this post and I don’t have the patience to upload them. In fact, we’ve been fairly slack about the whole visual aspect of our web presence for a while now.

I haven’t updated the moblog or Flickr in a while. Jenn hasn’t published any new web albums. Neither of us has linked to any cute photos of Rae. I’m sorry, everybody, but we’ve dropped the ball.

I mention Flickr repeatedly because it seems like everybody and their brother is using the service. Now comes word that Yahoo! has purchased Flickr and I think that’s a great sign. The whole blogosphere is abuzz with happy mojo for the Ludicorp crew – technology folks like Jeremy Zawodny (of Yahoo!); PR wonks like Steve Rubel (of Micro Persuasion); the creator of my blogging software Matt Mullenweg (PhotoMatt, WordPress) and the man who gave me the news, Jeff Jarvis (of BuzzMachine). I couldn’t be happier since my brother-in-law works for Yahoo! (Overture, actually) and I think Flickr is a great product (Web 2.0 service?) that can only benefit from the deal.

It all reminds me that I really need to keep up with my photo-posting and tagging efforts. I’m really out to build my brand, mostlymuppet, through the use of that phrase as a tag. I got slack with all my del.icio.us links and blog posts/technorati tags, but I need to start that up again. Flickr has remained the one consisten source of my persistent tag, which you can find here [mostlymuppet].

One of my absolute favorite uses for my picture phone, as evidenced by this category of my moblog and through a Flickr photoset, is taking pictures of vanity plates. I’m so obsessed with the personalized license plate phenomenon that I actually considered breaking out the camera to capture a shot of the weird plate “GMOMIES” as we drove home tonight. Of course, I misread the plate as “GNOMIES” which immediately reminded me of Chris Pirillo and Gnomedex, but maybe that’s because I’m pining to go this year and hear Adam Curry speak in non-podcast form. It all seemed so odd and yet so normal – thinking about the internet while driving in meatspace all in the service of this meandering blog post.

In any event, I’ve rambled on here long enough. Long story shortened (too late), I’m going to redouble my efforts to post more pictures and be more tag-friendly and consistent. And if the title of this post has you humming that Kinks tune from the HP ad, it ain’t my fault.

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