Pizza Tech

Ah, modern life. Is there anything more strange and wonderful than technology?

Over the weekend, as is pretty much standard operating procedure, we ate out or went through drivethroughs several times. Friday night it happened to be Pizza Hut.

I ordered and used an online coupon. Since the coupon wasn’t in their computer system, I was asked to bring a printout. Since our printer is out of ink, I took a photo using my camera phone.

You’d have thought I’d etched the coupon into the flesh of roadkill and flopped the dead carcass on the counter. I got some of the strangest looks I’ve ever gotten. Finally, a younger staff member commented on how “cool” it was that I had thought to do that. The two gawkers’ stares became smiles.

I even let one woman hold the phone and marvel at the wonders of the 21st century. Then I took my pizzas, left and vowed to get more printer ink.

Pizza Hut Coupon

3 thoughts on “Pizza Tech

  1. nathan says:

    I used to take pics of the train sched with my cell about 4 years ago…Everytime I go back to America I am shocked when I see the time lag in cell phone technology.

  2. SMS Pizza

    Last night I had one of those less than perfect experiences ordering a pizza.
    To start, we’re in the car without the number but we don’t want to call 411 and get charged for it. I suggest Google SMS. Jenn tries; no number for our loc…

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