Emmanuel Lewis

We ran a late night errand to print photos at the local FedEx/Kinko’s. Sitting at a Mac in the computer lab was Emmanuel Lewis. Yes, that Emmanuel Lewis. Webster.

He soon got up and went to the counter to complain about a printing problem. I was standing in line directly behind him, Rae holding my hand, waiting to get the photo printer code. He had some basic questions about how to use the copiers. He was holding a portable, USB or firewire harddrive. He had a Treo 650 clipped to his belt.

I begged Jenn to let me take his picture. Maybe I’d kneel down and put my arm around him. Maybe he could hold Rae. Maybe I could hold him. No matter what, I wanted that photo.

But it was not meant to be. We were messing with the photo printer and Webs …. er, Emmanuel’s photocopies were soon done. He walked off into the night and I can’t update my wonderful, new Flickr Pro account (Thanks, Bill!).

You’ll all just have to believe my account of this potential brush with fame, no matter how small (Ha!) the celebrity. C’est la vie!

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