Two years ago today, at 4:08 PM, you were born. April 26, 2003 is one of the happiest days of my life of which you are now an integral part. Sure, you say things like “I don’t want dinner. I want ice cream” and “I love you tooooo much, daddy” now, but I was happy with a gaseous smile or a sleepy yawn back then.

The past few days have been difficult ones. The “terrible twos” apparently come and go in phases. If we thought you were willful and stubborn at 18 months, we really didn’t know what those terms actually meant. Just this morning it took us 30 minutes to get you dressed and ready for school without any bloodletting. Believe me, it could have ended badly.

But just as there are frustrating moments, there are also instances of pure elation. This evening at dinner, you grabbed Mom’s cheeks and brought her in close for a kiss and then squeezed her tightly around the neck. I think she almost cried at how sweet you could be. So don’t think for a moment that we don’t love you. We’d both give our lives for yours no matter what you do or say (even when it hurts or disappoints us).

This journey to two has been incredibly challenging and rewarding. I’m just so proud of you and glad that I get to be you dad, not just for these past two years, but forever.

Happy Birthday, Raelyn Michelle! I love you!

And, just for the record, this is the second night in a row we went without ice cream. Bruster’s even had Cake Batter and Birthday Cake ice creams, which was the perfect synergy, and we resisted. All for you, baby, and for your Uncle Graham’s upcoming wedding.

Sleep tight and know that we are the luckiest parents in the world to have you as a daughter.

2 thoughts on “Two

  1. Nathan Miller says:

    I am sitting in Kurume now…tomorrow I have to ride the bloody airplane to NC…no hop skip or jump…it is a long trip. However really longing forward to seeing everyone. It has been a considerable long time since the entire Miller family has piled together in one central location…wow…something to look forward to.

  2. Wow! That’s a long-ass way to come just for us. 😉

    I hope we get a chance to sit down and chat. Jenn, Rae and I will be in NC late on Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning.

    I’m sure we’ll make time.

    Bring that phone of yours – I want you to see the jealousy on my face.

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