The People’s promo

I’ve had a chance to think about this morning’s digression on TV promos and I really think it could work. Some of the previews for Lost and Gilmore Girls garner similar reactions (for me, at least) as some movie trailers. They make me want to tune in, to find out more, to set my TiVo.

This afternoon, I’ve had an epiphany. I’ve been shown the light by Ben McConnell. He advises Wendy’s and others to engage citizen marketers directly to create and distribute online content. It worked for Converse and some of those fan spots even made it offline and onto TV via MTV.

So my new thought is this: what if TBS asked viewers to create their own “Very Funny” spots? To clarify, I’m in no official position or leadership capacity to make this happen directly, but I am going to enthusiastically suggest the idea next week. People seem to be very polarized by this campaign anyway. What better way to get those that love the spots to join in the chorus or get those that hate the spots to prove they can do better? I think it’s a winner for viewers and the network.

Thanks, Church of the Customer!

One thought on “The People’s promo

  1. Seth, I’d love to see TBS give it a try. Surely there’s hundreds of TBS viewers who are capable of iMovie magic. Perhaps all TBS needs to do is provide some them with a toybox of content from which to get started.

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