Wasted Time

Why oh why do I waste time at work? I have too much to do as it is without slacking off or avoiding responsibility. My biggest vice is stupid flash games. Case in point: Hapland 2 (walkthrough here). I spent countless hours playing the original Hapland and eventually had to use a walk-through to beat the game. If you’re unfamiliar a walk-through is a cheat that spells out absolutely every action you need to take. It’s Cliffs Notes for the extremely lazy or frustrated.

I’m really engrossed by nebulous, puzzle-solving games like these and, judging from Technorati, so are others. I just wish we could do something similar for TBS. TNT had a Myst-like game called The Doors a while back and it did great virally. Plus, it was an awesome game that forced me to use a walk-through. High praise that I want to emulate here at TBS.

Other puzzly faves:
Mushroom Life
Peasant’s Quest
Quest for the rest

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