Dave Matthews Dead?

I’m not normally one to traffic in rumors, but early reports out of Colorado say rocker Dave Matthews perished in a private jet crash today. I’m not a big fan, though my brother is, but I still think this is a pretty terrible loss. Dave’s most recent DRM kerfuffle and music piracy position notwithstanding, the guy was pretty creative and certainly popular.

My question is this: why do famous musicians travel in small private jets? Didn’t Buddy Holly/Richie Valens or John Denver *shudder* teach us anything.

RIP Dave Matthews. You’ll be missed, I’m sure.

Maybe I should buy a copy of his recent album Stand Up as a show of solidarity. Or not.

UPDATE: Maybe I should read the URLs of the stories I post. This story was a complete fabrication. A viral lie that I helped propogate. I feel like a complete and total idiot. Sorry.

To sum up: Dave Matthews isn’t dead.

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