Into the Work

Unlike Maigh, I did not attend yesterday’s screening of Into the West. The Spielberg-produced, TNT television event does look good and I’m not even that much of a Western fan. Instead, I stayed at my desk trying to finish up ads and site plans for this weekend’s 3-play of Spider-man and the premiere of The Real Gilligan’s Island on TBS. I noted the 12:30 start time of the screening and the next time I looked at the clock it was 2:13. Time flies when you’re too busy to slack.

Speaking of slacking, today is “Too Funny To Work” day here at TBS. We’re having an afternoon off-site event/party to celebrate the first anniversary of “Very Funny”. On June 4, 2004 at around 3 pm we lost Superstation for good, so today is an early birthday for the network. I have a picture with Larry “Soup Nazi” Thomas to prove I had a good time at last year’s brand re-launch. Today, though, I’m rushing to finish up my duties so I can enjoy the afternoon. The Atlanta sky may be gray but I’m determined to have a good, “very funny” time.

Have a great weekend!

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