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A week or so ago I signed up for My Blog Log just to see what I could learn about my site. It seemed like a good idea to track click-throughs from my post and on my site and the code was simple enough to add, so I did. I honestly didn’t think about my 3-day free trial until I got an email letting me know it expired. Wouldn’t you know it, that’s when I went to see how I was doing.

Turns out, I’m doing fairly well. People seem to be clicking on the links I post, which is good since I’m pretty terrible at describing the work of others. The other interesting bit of knowledge I gleaned was the fact that sometimes old posts or neglected links can be just as popular as the top post on the homepage. The lesson: check through your links and keep them fresh.

And, just so you know, the ABC/Lost teaser site, Oceanic Air, is my number one link this week. Check out my ever-growing post on the subject for all the juicy details.

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