New TiVo!

Nothing is set in stone yet, but Jenn and I are likely getting a new TiVo. We’ve already got a 40-hour Series 2 in the living room and a 14-hour Series 1 in the bedroom, but we need more television.

Turns out, TiVo is having a deal on refurbished 40-hour Series 2 TiVos. The unit itself is free if you pre-pay for a year’s worth of service. Sounds like a good plan, right. We thought so too.

But here’s the catch. From the email:

P.S. Don’t forget: As an existing subscriber, you pay just $6.95/mo. for TiVo service on your second, third, etc. box in the home with our Multi-Service Discount** — that’s nearly half the regular monthly price!

This is a pivotal “P.S.” Currently we’re paying $12.95 a month for each of our Tivo’s. TiVo has been overcharging us by 6 bucks for half a year! Good thing I read the fine print of the email.

So what we hope will happen is this: we’ll pay the yearly fee on the refurbed TiVO – $155.40, or 12 x $12.95 – the standard price. Then, TiVo will give us $6.95 per month per TiVo for the existing units in my home.

At least that’s the plan. I’ll update more once we pull the trigger.

I also just remembered TiVo also owes me a $100 rebate on my XMas purchase of that 40-hour unit. I gotta get my money from these jokers. They’re bleeding me dry.

UPDATE: Turns out the rebate was declined for some horsheshit reason. Just fired off a nasty email to their support staff. They owe me my $100. Looks like our purchase of a new unit is on hold. You can bet I’m calling tomorrow to make sure they’re billing me correctly and that I get my rebate.

UPDATE II: I realize that what started out as a rave turned into a rant. I really do love TiVo, but upon closer examination, they’re jerking me around. Make this right, TiVo!

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  1. Bitching online for fun and profit

    After my rave-turned-rant regarding TiVo, I sent a nasty email to their rebate support center. The result of my haranguing is below:
    Thank you for your rebate inquiry. You are a valued Tivo customer, so we are
    pleased to inform you that we have updat…

  2. TiVo Postscript

    In June, I blogged about the prospect of getting a new, cheap TiVo and my frustration at having been denied the $100 rebate on our Christmas TiVo. Well, I’m happy (and not so happy) to report that both issues have been resolved.
    First, we did…

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