Free Katie!

I make no secret of the fact that I have a crush on Katie Holmes. Ever since seeing her on Dawson’s Creek as the spunky, girl-next-door Joey Potter, I’ve been infatuated.

She was wily and exciting in Go.

She was vivacious and briefly naked in The Gift.

I’ve heard she’s good in Wonder Boys and Pieces of April, but I haven’t seen them.

But her newest role, girlfriend (beard) to Tom Cruise is frightening. The lies about Tom’s sexuality! The cold sores! The Scientology! The humanity of it all!

And Tom’s emberassing appearance on Oprah! Defamer has more, both specifically and generally.

It’s time to Free Katie! If not for me, for the children. Think of the children!

UPDATE: Chris Klein’s rebuttal [Via BWE] – Classic!

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