Unlucky Sunday

A catalog of all the things that went slightly haywire today:

We met my folks at IHOP and ending up wearing our Orange Juice. The clumsy yet apologetic waitress let out one the loudest “OH SHIT!”s I’ve ever heard as beverages rained down upon Rae and my Mom. So soggy and sad you had to laugh. We did.

Not as bad as breakfast, but a torrential downpour came down just as we were about to go on our walk. Thank goodness we weren’t already outside or we’d have been soaked.

The Trail:
Nothing actually went wrong on our walk of the Silver Comet Trail, but it was very muggy. Which sucked.

Post-trail we wanted a cool, refreshing treat so we went for ice cream. Huge mistake. The teenage drooler behind the counter could barely stay conscious, let alone deliver good service. Quite frankly, it was the single worst experience I’ve ever had getting ice cream.

The largest slug on God’s green earth was waiting for me on the grill. I could’ve burned him off with the lighter, but discretion is the better part of valor, so he succumbed to my mighty flick. Bubba Burgers slightly underdone were the order of the evening, followed by more rain chasing my indoors. Stupid slug. Stupid rain.

So there’s my eventful Sunday. Perhaps not as dramatic as advertised, but it’s my blog so deal.

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