New Technorati Beta

New Technorati Beta. Same great features. Same stupid picture of yours truly.

In all seriousness, this is good news. I’ll be honest about my unabashed love for Technorati. I have several watchlists that are completely invaluable. But lately … I’ve been straying.

I’ve used Ice Rocket for a blog search.

I’ve used Blogpulse to track conversations and graph things.

I’ve even used Blogdigger, just to say I had.

That’s why a new coat of paint, some cool new features and the same silly picture of me are just what Technorati needed. As always, feedback for Technorati is appreciated and encouraged.

4 thoughts on “New Technorati Beta

  1. Profile – IceRocket

    Company: IceRocket (Soon to be renamed BlogScour)

    Location: Dallas, Texas
    What is it?
    IceRocket is a blog search engine, and a damn good one, owned by Mark Cuban. In our opinion they aren’t quite ready to take on the king of blog search yet…

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