Heh Indeedy

‘Heh Indeedy’
Sometimes, ‘Heh heh’

Variations of this phrase are rampant on the blogosphere. Atrios says it. Instapundit says it. Ed Cone and Dave Winer say it. Come to think of it, virtually ever A-list blogger out there is using this online psuedo-laugh to denote derision and a chuckle of superiority.

I am fucking sick of it.

‘Heh’ is not witty commentary. ‘Heh’ doesn’t make me imagine the author easily shrugging his shoulders, furrowing his brow and rolling his eyes. ‘Heh’ is not even a real word. ‘Heh’ is the sort of snotty, overbearing, pompous, hoity-toity bullshit that bloggesrs with egos larger than their penises use to make themselves appear witty and suitably huffy.

If that’s what you’re selling, I’m not buying.

‘Heh’ is to bloggers what smilies and emoticons are to tweenage IMers: useless fluff to fill the void of any original or engaging sentiment. If you have something to say; say it. If not, give me the link and get out of the way. Inserting ‘Heh’ into your discourse only makes you look like a douchebag.


UPDATE: My sincere apologies to Ed Cone, who correctly points out in the comments that his own use of the phrase “Heh” was as a tongue-in-cheek commentary regarding Instapundit.

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