Michael Jackson Verdict

This is not a post about Michael Jackson or the verdict in his trial. Well, that’s a lie. This is a clever ruse through the use of Technorati tags, pagerank and general content to fool you into reading my hateful invective.

I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about the gloved one. Don’t know if he’s guilty or innocent. Don’t really fucking care. Don’t want to comment about anything substantive.

What I do want to mention is that Cable news and other media outlets are whores. It’s incredibly shameful and low-brow. Who the fuck could care this much about this man?! NOT ME.

So, instead of commenting on allegations, juries, testimony, verdicts or anything remotely “newsworthy” I’m linking to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. He has the only sane coverage of this issue I care to watch.

For everyone who came here hoping for morsel of insider information or expert analysis of the situation, kindly go fuck yourself. This whole trial is one big circus and all of you are assclowns!

UPDATE: Tom Peters has the sanest take, for what it’s worth.

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