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As a Father’s Day gift, my in-laws got me a World Poker Tour shirt and a “No Limit” hat. Both excellent poker-related gifts that I’ll definitely use. I’m wearing the hat as I type! (FOOTNOTE: the back of the hat reads “How big is your stack?”) 😉

What I need now is a poker chip calculator. Not some kind of abacus to keep track of my earnings or a molded plastic guide for correct stacking of the chips. No, what I want is a poker chip calculator – an online utility for deciding how best to divide poker chips if you’re hosting a tournament or a friendly home game.

If you’ve played for cash or pride before, you know the most time-consuming part of amateur poker is the setup. It takes forever to figure out how many guys are playing, how many chips (and what color) are available, and what denominations each chip should represent. The whole endeavor is a real pain in the ass.

So what I’m searching for – what I’m asking for help in finding – is some kind of online form/utility where I can plug in the variables and it will tell me how to proceed. Anything to speed up the poker-playing process.

2 thoughts on “Poker Chip Calculator

  1. Dave says:

    Home Poker Tourney (dot com, all one word) has lots of good resources. This page in particular:

    has gotten me started on all of the tournaments I’ve hosted. I use their starting chip count for T1000 and haven’t had a problem.

    They also provide suggested blind structures etc… It’s great info to start with but as with anything most of your improvement comes from practice.

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