Church Zone

On of the joys of living in the South and travelling to rural or formerly rural areas are the roadsigns. Today we had the pleasure of visiting two of Atlanta’s suburbs: Marietta to the North and Fayetteville in the South. We attended both a 3-year-old’s birthday and a college friend’s wedding. Busy day.

The best part of the journey, though, was one roadsign that we saw in both locations. The sign, “Church Zone”, isn’t particularly amusing on it’s face until you think about. Most signs, especially those that include the phrase “zone” are punitive or warning in nature. “Fines Increased – Work Zone” or “Careful – School Zone”. What, then, is the intent of the “Church Zone” sign? Should I be worried that the Holy Spirit might scare me into finding Jesus? Do people spontaneously convert as they pass houses of worship?

Maybe I’m overthinking this. Or perhaps I’m in need of some churchin’-up. Time to find a Church Zone.

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