Let’s start a Revolution

Previously I discussed Nintendo’s boneheaded decision not to support HD in their upcoming next-gen platform, the Nintendo Revolution. Apparently I’m not the only person perturbed with the big N. If you’re among the many fans who love Nintendo and don’t want the Revolution to finish third before it’s even out of the gate (Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will both feature HD) then go to 1080up.org. Personally, I don’t care whether Nintendo supports 720p or 1080i (dueling HD standards) just so long as it supports one of them.

And while I’ve got your moxie fired up, you might want to check out potential leaks of the Revolution logo/case design and a poster touting a March 2006 release date. If you’re still reading this far, you’re probably an owner of a GBA or two and a GameCube (guilty). So you probably won’t mind a little gossip about the Revolution’s controller based on some patents applied for by Nintendo. Happy rumor-mongering.

[All tips from Joystiq]

UPDATE: A new (or rather, old) version of the print ad featuring the as-yet-unconfirmed relaease date.

2 thoughts on “Let’s start a Revolution

  1. Yume says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m happy that nintendo isn’t going HD.

    I live on a very limited budget, I don’t have the ability to spend 300+ dollars on bells and whistles in a gaming machine, I love my game cube, but I also own a Ps2 (bought last week, and it’s decent, but it hasn’t replaced the GC from my TV set).

    I don’t have HD, nor do I have any desire to own an HD TV. and I am not alone in this thought, the majority of gamers will agree with this thought, digital is still king, and probobly will be for at least another 10 years, when costs are down.

    I do agree though, that nintendo DOES have to stop relying on their cash cow’s so much, I know I’ll be in line buying a Mario game.

    I’m a photographer by trade, I can see a difference between light and day by .1 megaxpixles in digital cameras, and I can see subtle differences on paper, so I can safely say, — So what? better graphics? meh, Ps2 and Gamecube are just fine, personally I want to know what the system can do besides just pump out good graphics. hopefully revolution can do that…

  2. I’m gonna disagree with you, Yume, though I think some of your points are valid.

    I think HD is less about the quality of the graphics than the quality of the overall viewing experience. While I agree that all the nonsense about pixels and frame-rates falls to the side if gameplay sucks, HD is another beast entirely.

    I have to ask: have you seen HD in action? Can you appreciate the difference in fidelity, color, depth-of-field and ease on the eyes as opposed to traditional broadcast quality? If not, go to your local Best Buy and check it out. I’m not sure it will change your mind, but it may give you more perspective.

    Listen, Nintendo was the first to embrace wireless controllers. They were the first to build in huge interoperability between their portable, handheld gaming system and their console. What possible reason could they have for ignoring the logical progress of in-home, televised entertainment? Pride? Hubris? Stubborness?

    None of these reasons are good enough. If my next TV (this Christmas) is HD-compatible, my next console has to support it. If not, no matter how much I love the manufacturer or exclusive titles, I’m not purchasing it.

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