Vacation Notes

Compiled below are notes taken on my recent vacation. I was without any of my trusty and sometimes-used notebooks so I made do with Hampton Inn stationery. Your mileage (for both the stationery and their contents) may vary.

– “Such Great Heights” M&M ad
– 51 seconds underwater
– Uno Pale Ale
– Phen Free Confession

– “An Ice Cream Story” on PBS when we arrive @ Madeira Beach, FL
– “Can I scooch by?” “It looks like it!” – rude lady at the ice cream stand
– 2 alarm fire and 2 firetrucks (pictures taken)

– Uncle Vito’s kids all have the same hairdo.
– Seeing fireworks on 3 different beaches from the porch of the Hilton. (Redington Beach, Madeira Beach & Treasure Island)
– Marty’s “Shark Attack” when we were body surfing on the sandbar.

– Mayonaisse == “Are you trying to be the only one at the beach?”

– Chris’ treat at Crabby Bill’s with pictures taken by a woman of indeterminate accent.

– No Busch Gardens
– Killer bodysurfing at low tide (almost like Hawaii)
– Ring == Finger Bracelet
– Bombs in London

– Land of the Dead
– Grilled Chicken in the pouring rain
– World’s most beautiful sunset

– “Yes I didn’t” “Yes I don’t” “Yes I can’t”
– Bodysurfing on Dennis’ storm surge
– Henry hits Raelyn: “It’s not nice and I don’t like it!”

Some of these items were Raelyn-related phrases I wanted to remember and potentially blog. Some are just memories or highlight-reel-style fragments. Some are just me writing to write. All of them are part of me that I’m glad I recorded. Take from them what you will.

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