Delicious call

I just got off the phone with Joshua Schacter, the recently vc-funded wunderkind behind, Memepool and GeoURL. We talked for about 30 minutes about future business opportunities and features for the service. Most of the discussion was fairly light and centered around how users interact with the service and how it evolved from a simple bookmark parking lot into a kind of suggestion engine or networked brain.

Some of the discussion, however, centered around topics that I can’t share with everyone. Needless to say, Joshua is a very driven guy who is thinking of ways to improve and extend all the time. Hopefully my day job will play some role in that expansion and improvement. They seem to have some definite plans for but they’re also very willing to learn what marketers might want from them. Exciting stuff.

In the meantime, since I’m being a tease about all the goodies, check out some other links. And if you’re not already using the service, sign up; you won’t regret it.

Joshua’s website
Joshua’s links
Joshua’s Flickr
The blog
Absolutely – Complete Tool Collection

I’m not a stalker. I promise. Joshua is a rising star in the online web services (Web 2.0) space and I’m thrilled that I got the chance to talk to him. I’m even more excited about potentially doing business with him.

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