Movie Nights

Over the weekend Jenn and I were bit by the bug. The movie bug. Since Raelyn came along we’ve almost completely curtailed our weekly trips to the theater in favor of spending time as a family as oppossed to money on a sitter. Go figure.

But this weekend we’d had enough. Too many good movies out during the Summer blockbuster season. Too many movie channels to record all that we hadn’t seen. We needed to take decisive action. We headed to Hollywood Video.

After a relatively brief perusal of the “New Arrivals” wall, we settled on two movies: Spanglish and In Good Company. Now, we hadn’t rented a movie in well over a year so you can imagine my surprise when the associate told me I had an $8 late fee. Didn’t someone get rid of late fees, like their competitor, Blockbuster? Do they really want me using Netflix (and blogs like Hacking Netflix) or Charter‘s OnDemand? Is this how they convince folks to join their Movie Value Pass (MVP) program? At that point we had the movies we wanted, so I ponied up the dough.

I’ll spare you reviews of the movies. Needless to say they were both enjoyable but not great. I preferred Spanglish; Jenn liked In Good Company. They’re going back to Hollywood Video tonight, but I doubt we will. Too many other ways to get that content, as mentioned above, to deal with the dregs and the actual renting. Maybe I’m lazy, but I really do like spending time with my family instead of dragging myself to a video store.

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