MeFi points out yet another delicious, viral flash video today: Fingertips. The movie is a collaborative effort to bring They Might Be Giants “Fingertips” song suite to life. The results, however painstakingly-rendered, are hit or miss. The purpose of that particular set of “songs” on TMBG’s great Apollo 18 album was to mess with your CD player’s “random” setting. If you put the disc in and hit random play, you’d be rewarded with beautiful, brief nuggets of Fingertips goodness amidst I Palindrome I and The Statue Got Me High.

For my money, a better way to present Fingertips would be as individual movies that the user could remix. See Garrison Multimedia for an unrealized implementation of this idea. Conversely, a more cohesive storyline, like the Chaps Brothers video for Experimental Film, would’ve been nice. Either way, this is a good stepping stone for some artist or group to improve upon. Have at it!

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  1. nathan says:

    Can’t wait to hear your comments on video blogging…perhaps you have already said something about the topic…however me too lazy to read all your old posts…gomen…

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