Found candy

I’m a pig. It’s a fact.

Riding down in the elevator today, I spied a tiny, shiny, purple candy perched atop the glass-encased bulletin board reserved for company fliers. The candy was unopened, pristine and Cadbury. Yum! How could I resist pocketing it for later?

I couldn’t. šŸ˜‰

About 30 minutes later, after standing in the hot sun and listening to local bands (courtesy of Turner South’s My South Rocks tour) I remembered my sweet treat. Still intact and only slightly melted, I enjoyed the chocolate to no ill effects. I also enjoyed the tunes of the Penny Lane band and also Jenn’s co-worker Cynthia.

Every guy who’s ever taken advantage of the 3-second rule or stolen a buddy’s cupcake should be proud of me today. I know I am.

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