Malibu Night

To clarify, this post has nothing to do with Malibu, California; Malibu Rum or Malibu Barbie. No, this post is about Malibu Grand Prix and the great time we had their last night.

Jenn’s co-workers were getting a reward for re-designing [adult swim].com and went to Norcross to celebrate. There was free food, beer, video games, batting cages and two types of go-karts. Not being a shrinking violet, I partook of all the aforementioned activities. Even Rae got in on the act, playing skeeball with Jenn.

The one drawback was the intense heat and humidity. Neither Jenn or I planned on attending the party, so the fact that we ended up outside in the hot July evening wearing jeans kinda sucked. The free beer and the fun atmosphere made up for it, at least until we went home and showered.

I’ve never been so worn out and unwilling to get out of bed as I was this morning. Hallmarks of a good time.

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