Movie Review: Finding Neverland

I’ve been meaning to write about Finding Neverland for quite some time, but for some reason just a small outline has been stuck in my queue for months. I know that, at one time, I had salient points and a wonderful review of this poignant film. That time has passed. All I have for you now is a short, slightly-pithy synopsis, a suggestion and a declaration.

Short, slightly-pithy synopsis:
J.M. Barrie writes the play Peter Pan. Ok, so it isn’t even slightly-pithy, but it is short.

A suggestion:
This was one of the rare films I’ve seen that was actually too short. With all the exposition and beautiful film-making that went into the make-believe and imaginary scenes of the children, where was the same care for Depp’s Barrie? I would have loved to have seen his imagination at work and had a few more details about his childhood. An extra 5 or 10 minutes about his character would have really added to the direction and weight of the film.

Johnny Depp is the finest actor of his generation. Plain and simple. If he doesn’t win an Academy Award soon, something is seriously wrong.

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