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SPOILER ALERT: Secrets of the newest book and speculation about the conclusion of the series are below. Read at you own risk. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

I don’t want to put any spoilers out on the internet concerning Harry Potter and the Half-Brood Prince, especially the fact that Severus kills Albus (oops), but I’m dying to discusss the latest book. Jenn still hasn’t read Order of the Phoenix and my mother-in-law is only 200 pages in. So here I am stuck with no one to talk to but the blog.

Hello, blog? Wanna hear a theory? You do? Great!

Here it is: Harry Potter is the sixth Horcrux. Shocking!, you say? Surely you saw it coming? Lemme break it down.

Here, in no particular order, are the Horcruxes as I have determined them:

1) Tom Riddle’s diary (seen in Book 2: Chamber of Secrets)
2) Marvolo’s ring (Book 6: Half-Blood Prince)
3) Slytherin’s “S” locket (Book 6: Half-Blood Prince)
4) The Hufflepuff Cup (Book 6: Half-Blood Prince)
5) Something from Ravenclaw (Book 6: Half-Blood Prince)
6) Harry Potter (pretty much the entire series, really, but the story is originally told in Sorcerer’s Stone. Thinking back, it sounds like Lily Potter’s death was the fuel for turning Harry into a Horcrux and the lightning-bolt scar is the evidence)

It would be the perfect strategy on Voldemort’s part. The prophecy states that neither can survive while the other lives. What better way to assure yourself that Harry Potter will die and the prophecy will keep you (Voldemort) alive than to split part of your soul into his body.

This action would explain Voldemort’s disapperance after the act, Harry’s parseltongue abilities and his psychic link to Voldemort. It seems very clear, but also very obvious.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Tom Riddle made Ginny the Horcrux sometime during Chaber of Secrets. Maybe Dumbledore was right about the snake, Nagini, being a Horcrux. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m right and Harry will somehow have to rid himself of Voldemort’s soul or die trying.

In any event, we’ll all be waiting for Book 7 with bated breath to see how this wonderful series ends. Until then, I’m re-reading them all.

UPDATE: Others supporting my assessment about Harry being a Horcrux.
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UPDATE II: I’ve written another post, as promised, detailing my other views about the events in Book 7 as well as expounding a bit on my original theory.

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  1. Nick D says:

    Reading other blogs and webpages, and putting them all together, i think that harry potter is the sixth horcrux, but as this blog referred to a few times: the ravenclaw heirloom is the Erised mirror. Remember in the sixth book when the harry peereed into the basin, reread the description. (clawed feet). then read the description of the mirror, (CLAWED FEET). Remember when Dumbledore looked into the mirror, but he never said what he saw? Perhaps he saw something great on there, which made him not think about the possibility of it being a horcrux. Or, possibly he knew, but wanted harry to figure out on his own. What a great hiding place for…. Voldemort, okay there i said it… It was so obvious that no one would know it was a horcrux. That’s all I have to say, good day to all you muggles.

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