SMS Pizza

Last night I had one of those less than perfect experiences ordering a pizza.

To start, we’re in the car without the number but we don’t want to call 411 and get charged for it. I suggest Google SMS. Jenn tries; no number for our local Pizza Hut. I end up calling 411 on my phone, repeating the number to her so she can dial her phone and then hand it to my while I drive. Nuts right? The things we Miller’s do for our pizza.

I ended up ordering our usual from Pizza Hut. I’ll leave the actual items, quantities and toppings to your imagination, but needless to say, it’s a lot of food. So much so, and we order so often, that I’m considering joining their VIP program or ordering online in the future to save time and our sanity.

What I’d really love to see is SMS pizza ordering. A local pizza place, like Bella’s Pizzeria (which I blogged earlier this week), could run a weekly promotion. All you’d do is send you contact information/electronic business card via SMS to the pizzeria and include the promo code and pick up your pizza. Maybe they’d even start assigning you a customer number and you could really expidite the process.

Example SMS message:
promo15 cust12345 to 23552 (bella)

Simple, right? Even the big chains could get in on the act. It’s all about meeting customers where they happen to be.

If you can do online ordering, you can do SMS. If you can accept a picture of a coupon from my camerphone, you can do this.

3 thoughts on “SMS Pizza

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    So the other day I was trolling my blog analytics program StatCounter, when I saw that I was getting a link from a Google search for SMS Pizza. I wrote a screed last Summer about the need for Pizza Hut (or any other pizza purveyor) to offer pizza orde…

  2. We have a pizza hut in my town, Decorah IA; but I have never liked pizza hut. I mostly prefer Papa Johns, its just so much better. Unfortunately we don’t have a PJ’s in town, but we do have Mabes Pizza–its like one of those famous pizza places everyone in the location knows about. I wonder if even a small pizza place in Iowa could do the SMS stuff. Maybe I’ll ask them and see!

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