This weekend isn’t very old and already it’s a letdown.

1) Rain.
After all the heat, sun, humidity and general stick-to-your-clothing weather we’ve had, this is how the universe repays us? If this is how next week is going to be, I’m skipping work on Wednesday to enjoy some outdoor, shirtless time in somebody’s pool.

2) Harry Potter discussion.
My mother-in-law and I have differing opinions about the direction of JK Rowling’s books and I really wanted to talk to someone like-minded, not debate the actions and motivations of fictional teenagers. I think their characterizations spot-on and a great read for teens. My mother-in-law disagrees but says she still enjoyed the book. I don’t see how she could if she doesn’t like where it’s going and doesn’t buy into the way these characters behaved. FRUSTRATING!

3) Work.
My head is still swimming with the work week and, honestly, I’m a victim of my own success. I felt so motivated and inspired this week that my brain won’t turn it’s work lobe to “off” or “pause”. I need to keep a pad with me at all times to record the ideas I’ve heard for the two presentations and three projects I’m working on in the coming week. It’s a good thing, really, but very annoying when you want to de-stress for the weekend.

I’ve got Jenn’s 10-year high school reunion tonight too, but that’ll be fun. Us all dressed up and smelling nice. Good food and drink. Potentially dancing. Raelyn with her grandparents.

It’s not a total loss yet, this weekend, I’m just stuck between enjoyment and sullen-ness. Wish me luck.

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