Current TV

Congratulations to all the fine folks who have launched Current TV today. Current is the Al Gore-backed cable network, in about 20 million homes, that is built around viewer-created content. It’s kind of like a nationally-distributed cable access network for Gen X&Y.

Come to think of it, this idea is more like a distributed network of vloggers who just happen to have a television outlet for their work. Still, it’s a cool idea that I’d love to see succeed.

My self-submitted tagline for their network: “Current is the chorus of culture, in dissonance & harmony”

Plus, Current is launching on the 24th anniversary of the launch of another youth-targetted, revolutionary cable network, MTV. They may not play videos anymore, but their still a cultural force to be reckoned with.

So happy birthday to both Current and MTV. Many more happy years.

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