Gaming Diversions

I should be working harder today. Much harder.

I have a presentation to give tomorrow and I’ve got several million “little things” that should be taking up the majority of my work hours. But they’re not. It’s Monday, I’m tired and irritable and I don’t want to be at work.

So, in the spirit of slacking off and getting nothing done I present to you the Eyezmaze Grow RPG. The name makes very little sense, but the gameplay is simple and the many permutations lead to some great outcomes. It’s a good diversion, hence the post title.

If you like your games a little more “classic” in theme, try this Flash version of Pac Man. You could also give Stackopolis, “the most addictive game since Tetris”, a try. If those aren’t your cup of tea, you could always try taking on a blind teenager at Soul Caliber 2. You’d lose, but you could try.

Don’t work too hard. I’m sure not.

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