Top 10 Desert Island Blogs

Here are my top 10 desert island blogs, in some approximation of order:

1) Dooce. The funniest, most honest blog on all the intenets.

2) Om Malik’s Broadband Blog. More exclusive and breaking information about the world of high-speed data technology and all it’s related fields than any other 1o blogs combined. Always fresh, relevant and compelling.

3) Dave Winer. The rightful “blogfather” and “podfather” blogs everything under the sun from the professional to the personal into a completely open and transparent way. Sure, the edges are sometimes rough, but the discussion and innovation are always second-to-none.

4) BoingBoing: A Directory of Wonderful Things. Quirky, pop-culture/technology/copyfight mish-mash written by a team of four excellent and passionate people. They start and spread more memes in a day than most people will see all year.

5) MetaFilter. Like BoingBoing, but with more contributors, comments and a serious truck-load of the randomness that makes being online so interesting.

6) Preshrunk. A blog devoted entirely to finding cool t-shirts. If I ever make any money off the ads I run, I’m blowing it all on t-shirts found through this blog.

7) Zoom Vienna. A photoblog of pictures exclusively from Vienna, Austria. The photos are stunning, creative and updated daily. The RSS Feed has the description only, which only makes seeing the photos that much sweeter.

8) Cheap Stingy Bastard. A great site for finding cool deals on great merchandise, mostly gadgets. Plus, the name is uber-cool.

9) Talking Points Memo & TPM Cafe. If you can read only one political blog (and it’s new, sister blog) this is it. Tersely written, well-researched and willing to ask and answer the tough questions, Josh Marshall is the king of the liberal blogosphere, in my opinion.

10) FlickrBlog. Fun, funny and full of personal photos.

For those voyeuristic souls who aren’t satisfied with just the top 10, here’s all the feeds I read through Bloglines.

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