Yahoo! Publisher Network

Yesterday afternoon, Yahoo! launched their newest beta advertising service, the Yahoo! Publisher Network. This move represents Yahoo!’s challenge to the virual monopoly that Google AdSense has amongst web publishers, notably blogs like mine.

Since the service is still in beta, you have to sign up for an invitation, but I’m hoping my Yahoo! connections can help me out. Here’s my sycophanitic plea to join the beta:

I don’t know if this will help my case or not, but my brother-in-law is an IP attorney for Yahoo!

See that? I’m just as base and simple as every other shmoe.

In the interim, while I wait for Yahoo! to let me into the YPN beta, I’m re-thinking AdSense. They sent me a nice email yesterday, fortuitous timing, touting all their neat, new features and reports. Even if I don’t get into YPN for a while, I’m thinking of changing where I display ads to help clickthroughs. For the curious, I’d probably move them out of the sidebar and into the content, between the actual post and the comment feature.

For more in-depth news and reviews on YPN, visit some of these fine folks:

John Battelle
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Until next time, watch for my potential advertising realignment and perhaps even a new network serving them.

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