Atlanta Metroblogger Love

Since last night was the first night I met all the fine folks who also blog over at the Atlanta Metroblog, I thought I’d honor your beer-drinking spirits with some linkage. I use my blogroll mostly for people who I know intimately (*growl*), am related to, or see on a daily basis. I may need to re-think that position, but in the interim here are links to birthday bash attendees’ blogs.


If I’ve forgotten someone, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Atlanta Metroblogger Love

  1. Seth,
    my mind has been like whirl wind over the last couple weeks…vlogging…I am on a high. I have wanted to do this ever since I sent your those videos (2 years ago)…

    I really want to hear what the folks at my place of work have to say about this new media?

  2. Hey Seth, … It was nice meeting you the other night… Paola and I had a great time… thanks also for putting this list together… I have been too lazy to clean up my “favorites” so that I can keep tabs on this crazy bunch… 🙂

  3. You linked me…you really really linked me!
    One good link deserves another!
    Link is as link does!

    Um, yeah! Hey Seth – it was great meeting you at Manuel’s…did not know that you were going to be a hottie!

    Woo woo!

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