Flickr Fan

It’s a Flickr Friday, so here’s my stream-of-consciousness thoughts about it and my use of it.

I’m a big Flickr fan; my wife is not.

My co-worker gave me a pro account with the understanding I would use to share all of my photos with the internets and I have not.

This morning, I posted 6 pictures (5 camera, 1 phone) to a newly-created set honoring the 1st birthday of the Atlanta Metroblog.

I turned right around and posted those pictures to the Atlanta Metroblog.

Lori then added me as a Flickr contact.

Anyone can comment on the post or the photos.

Still not sure I want to live my life this far out in the open, but I do like Flickr.

Jenn still hates the interface, but maybe my end-around will get her thinking.

More photos to take and upload.

Oh, and the phone pic led to an auto-update of the moblog.

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